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This form must be signed by the contestant or a parent/legal guardian of each contestant under the age of 18 and received by the contest directors before your entry will be processed. This includes all team members.
I (we) represent that I (we) are the competitor or the parent/legal guardian(s) of the minor (competitor) under the age of 18 years and, in order to have you accept their competition entry, have accepted this document on behalf of myself or said minor and ourselves individually and jointly, and agree to be bound by all terms and conditions in this liability release, in the same manner if we were the (competitor) twirler. Each of us hereby releases the Holiday Twirling Festival and/or TwirlATX LLC , and Hutto High School, its officers, agents and all employees from any and all liabilities. With the acceptance of this form, the undersigned agree to indemnify and hold harmless the above mentioned from any liability in connection with this event.

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